Apprenticeships and Traineeships

  • What is an apprenticeship?

    An apprenticeship provides an opportunity for young Australians to enter the construction industry and become trained and qualified in a chosen trade profession. Australian apprenticeships or traineeships are available to anyone of working age, and can be completed full time, part time, or while still at school. An apprenticeship allows your son or daughter to learn from trained professionals, complete paid work and study in parallel.

    Available in more than 500 occupations, including the traditional trades and many emerging careers, apprenticeships or traineeships are a great way to get a head start in the construction industry.

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  • What careers can apprenticeships lead to?

    With 500 trade apprenticeships to choose from, these provide a springboard to the diversity of careers within the construction industry, to uncover the many ways that your child can undertake an apprenticeship to launch their career in construction, search apprenticeship careers.

  • What will an apprenticeship leave your son or daughter with?

    A qualification that is recognised Australia wide.
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  • Benefits of an Apprenticeship
    • A nationally recognised qualification from TAFE or a registered training organisation
    • Ability to start earning as they learn
    • Hands-on work that is often outdoors
    • Use their existing skills and life experience
    • Full time or part time and also available part time while still at school
    • A great pathway from school to work
    • Leads to a successful career in the construction industry
  • How long will it take?

    1 - 4 years depending on the qualification your son or daughter is working towards.

    Apprenticeships are "competency based" which means your son or daughter can complete their training sooner if they get to the required skill level more quickly than usual.

  • How much do apprentices get paid?

    Australian apprentices are usually employed under a federal or state award or agreement. Apprentices will be paid a trainee or apprentice wage that takes into account the cost of training and the value of the work completed. The good news is they'll be earning while they're learning.

    In addition, Australian apprentices have the same rights to superannuation, workers compensation and other entitlements or requirements as other workers in Australia. If you have any queries, get in contact with your local Australian Apprenticeships Centre.

  • How does your son or daughter get started if they are still at school?

    This is a great way to enter the construction industry and get a head start on a steady career path.

    Apprenticeships can be kicked off while your son or daughter is still finishing high school, which means they can start training for a qualification and earn a wage at the same time. It's called an Australian School-based Apprenticeship. Find out more

    Once your son or daughter decides on the right career for them, there are 10,791 registered training organisations (RTO) across Australia for them to choose from to help complete their qualification. Search for a training organisation

  • Is an apprenticeship secure?

    An apprenticeship is protected by a formal agreement. The employer and the apprentice sign a training contract, which sets out the legal obligations of the employer and the apprentice over the course of the apprenticeship. The contract is from the Australian Apprenticeships Centre.

  • Are apprenticeships popular?

    In May 2013, there were 198,400 people aged 15 - 64 years who were employed as apprentices or trainees and part of the Australian Apprenticeship Scheme*. Of these, 96,200 people (48%) had commenced their apprenticeship or traineeship in the last 12 months*. The majority of apprentices or trainees were male (81%)*. The highest number of apprentices and trainees were working in the construction industry (71,300)*.

    * Statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics

  • What is a Traineeship?

    A traineeship is a way in which you combine employment and training in order to gain a nationally recognised qualification.